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2006 July Newsletter

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To MCA Membership July 21, 2006

The following excerpts are from a news release by Rajmund Dabrowski, which concerns the establishment by the General Conference of a study Commission on Ministries, Services, and Structures. As you know MCA is in the process of developing a plan for church reorganization that would improve the ministry and service of the church. We are urging MCA members to contribute to this effort by emailing ideas and proposals on church reorganization to us at:

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States [Rajmund Dabrowski/ANN]

Global unity of the church, its mission, and the best use of resources to achieve that mission, were identified as three "big issues" to be considered by the Commission on Ministries, Services and Structures, established by the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s leadership in October 2005.

Paulsen, who is also chair of the commission, added, "whatever comes out of the work of this commission, it would probably be good to see it as a chapter in the book of our church - a book which will not be completed until the journey is over, for the church is a living organism and life is dynamic."

Though referring primarily to organizational structures, Paulsen recognized this issue affects ministries, departments and services of the global church as they flow from the organizational setup of the church. Among the issues for the commission's consideration Paulsen identified an increased need for better, reciprocal communication in the church "between local membership and global leadership in order to obtain and sustain a sense of involvement and partnership in the global life of the church."

California, on April 10, four presentations were considered as a background of the future deliberations.

The presentations, together with the rationale and reasons for the commission's task, brought together a theological understanding of the church and its organization, the history of the church's organization and principles upon which it developed, and options for possible reconfiguration of departmental services that are focused on the ministry of the local church.

The commission is made up of representatives from the world church and local church regions, as well as pastors and lay members. It follows an earlier, smaller commission that was set up in 2004, and charged to study and outline a strategy for organizational change to better serve the church from its world headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland.

(Source: Adventist News Network)

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